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Many people believe that chiropractic care focuses on getting rid of joint pain, back pain, and similar issues. While that’s a large part of the job, it’s only one part.


There’s much more to it than that. As a dedicated and experienced chiropractor in Mansfield, we know exactly what the position entails.

Brisbane Posture and Performance has worked with countless clients throughout our careers. Throughout this time, we’ve ensured that all of them have remained satisfied with their service.

If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, it’s natural to have multiple questions. That’ll be the case regardless of whether you have a chronic issue or simply want to improve your overall health.

Working with a recommended chiropractor in Mansfield can be more than helpful with that. You’ll likely have a few concerns and questions you want to be addressed, however.

Contacting us is the fastest and easiest way to have this done. Our friendly team is happy to answer all of your questions.

What Does A Chiropractor In Mansfield Do?

If you’ve never visited a chiropractor before, you may be unsure about what they do. You might have an exaggerated view of how painful the process is.

A licensed chiropractor will use their hands and specialised instruments to manipulate your joints and spine. Doing so corrects the body’s alignment and reduces pain and inflammation.

Though there is some discomfort involved in this, there shouldn’t be any pain. Our clients report feeling much better after their session than they did at the start.

When you visit a chiropractor in Mansfield, they’ll make several recommendations for your treatment. These can include:

  • Soft-Tissue Therapy: This focuses on relaxing your muscles, alongside the tension in the surrounding tissue.
  • Adjustments: Your chiropractor will use specialist adjustments to move joints back into place and relieve any pain.

Alongside this, they could recommend speaking with a medical professional, although this will only be when necessary. If you’re recovering from an injury, they may also recommend joint bracing and other treatments.

You could also benefit from home exercises during your treatment. If so, your chiropractor will inform you of how to do these exercises.

Pain shouldn’t be a side effect of this. You could feel a sense of soreness, however, similar to how you could feel after a workout. Your muscles will adjust in time, and this stiffness should go away.

Chiropractors focus on helping you reduce your pain. You’ll see this more and more with each session, although it may take several weeks to have optimal results.

A high-quality chiropractor won’t focus solely on the joints. They’ll also look at the muscles surrounding them. When working with you, they’ll ensure that these muscles function correctly.

There are a few notable benefits to seeing a chiropractor in Mansfield. These include:

  1. Improving neck pain.
  2. Easing back pain.
  3. Reducing osteoarthritis symptoms.
  4. Easing the symptoms of headaches.
  5. Improving your posture.

Seeing a licensed chiropractor can improve your sense of wellness and overall quality of life. If you suffer from a chronic condition, then the pain associated with this will be minimised.

To book a consultation with a licensed and reliable chiropractor in Mansfield, get in touch with Brisbane Posture and Performance today.

Passionate & Informed Care

At Brisbane Posture and Performance, our passion is to make sure that our clients lead a pain-free life. We partner with our clients and work with them to improve their quality of life.

You’ll not only receive high-quality chiropractic treatment, but you’ll get comprehensive advice about your condition. Home-based exercises and other recommendations could form a part of this.

Patient-focused care is a priority for us. You shouldn’t expect any less from a professional and reliable chiropractor in Mansfield.

We work with you to understand your goals and achieve them. Whether that’s reducing your pain levels or improving your wellness, we’re by your side.

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Working with a licensed chiropractor in Mansfield offers a wealth of advantages. Even if you don’t experience chronic pain, you can benefit from it.

You’ll improve your overall wellness while minimising the chances of future injuries and issues. Get in touch with Brisbane Posture and Performance and we’ll be happy to discuss your case.

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