Lower Back Pain

Approximately 80% of people in the developed world will experience low back pain to some degree throughout their lifetime.


Today’s sedentary lifestyle with increasing numbers of occupations involving sitting are major contributors to the problem.
The cause of low back pain may be due to muscle spasm, a pinched nerve (tension on spinal cord), or a haematoma (bruising) due to a trauma or a repetitive strain injury. In most scenarios, no matter the cause of the pain, the mechanism of injury is most likely accompanied by poor spinal structure and stabilisation.

Dr. Kyle (chiropractor) often deals with patients that have ignored early warning signs of low back pain and this has left them in a very difficult situation later in life. Ignoring the problem commonly leads to the development of chronic low back conditions that affect their quality of life. Early warning signs of low back conditions include

• Tight Hamstrings.
•Pinching in low back after extended sitting or driving.
• Weakness or under active gluteal muscles, tightness or over active hip flexors.
• Feeling of instability or low back weakness.
•Numbness, pins and needle or an altered sensation through the gluteals, legs or feet.
• Low back muscles spasms or muscle pain.

At Brisbane Posture and Performance our major focus is restoring the correct spinal structure. Low back pain is a very common condition we see, and we are able to assist with the recovery. If not addressed correctly, low back pain can lead to further deterioration, and even the development of sciatic symptoms.