Pregnancy Pains

Are you a pregnant mother wondering why your back has started aching? Pregnancy places huge physical demands on mothers bodies. Most women report having new body aches and pain develop throughout pregnancy. Chiropractic care at Brisbane Posture and Performance is a comfortable, drug free alternative to manage these musculoskeletal symptoms.


During pregnancy bodies release the hormone Relaxin to allow the pelvis and hips to expand to give birth, this leads to all joints becoming more lax and easier to strain and sprain. This combined with rapid weight gain and a shift in the bodies centre of gravity can result in postural and spinal misalignments. Common symptoms that arise during pregnancy due to the growing bump and an increasing chest bust include:

  • Low back pain.

  • Sciatica.

  • Headaches and neck tension.

  • Shortness of breath.

  • Restless leg syndrome.

  • Hip Pain.

  • Light headedness or dizziness.

You may be questioning why you should see a chiropractor. Dr. Kyle (Chiropractor) has a tailored approach to maternity care that allows him to best support pregnant bodies through their toughest times. Changes to a mother’s body include increasing in breast size and increasing depth of the lumbar spinal curvature as a result of a growing tummy. Generally, mothers will develop a forward head carriage. All of these structural changes put a greater demand on the body’s postural muscles and spinal stability.

At Brisbane Posture and Performance we can assist your body get ready for the structural changes and equip you the best we can for your child’s birth. Chiropractic care of this nature is comfortable to enjoy while pregnant. Contact the Brisbane Posture and Performance team to better understand how we can assist your body during pregnancy.