Improve your sleeping posture

Improve your sleeping posture

How your sleeping posture may be affecting your sleep

A good night’s rest has a multitude of health benefits. Sleeping is a vital way for the body to reset and recharge for the coming day. Your position while sleeping is key to producing and maintaining healthy spinal posture.

It is important that you set yourself up with the right sleeping foundation to achieve postural success. Your mattress, pillow, and sleeping position are all key factors to helping your posture.

The mattress

Similar to the old fairytale ‘Princess and the Pea’, having the right mattress is to key to achieving a good rights rest. It is common for people to gravitate towards a soft, comfy mattress that allows you to sink into it. However, this type of mattress may be hindering you from achieving postural success, and also avoiding back pain or neck pain.

A firm mattress can provide the correct spinal supports to assist you in improving your posture. Additionally, a firmer mattress with this type of spinal support can prevent you from waking up stiff or sore, and helping you to wake up feeling more refreshed from a proper night’s sleep. At Brisbane Posture and Performance, we recommend the ABCA mattress, which can provide you with a mattress that is firm enough to help with spinal posture while you are sleeping.

The pillow

Like the mattress, the proper pillow is helpful in achieving a higher quality of sleep. Not only is it important to have the right pillow, the height of the pillow is also key in setting up the foundations for healthy postural sleep. When selecting a pillow, look for one that is firm in order to provide proper neck support.

This can help reduce waking up feeling stiff or sore, and also avoiding issues such as neck pain resulting from the improper neck support that softer pillows allow. An adjustable pillow can help with providing you with the right height to maintain a healthy postural position while sleeping.

We recommend the ABCA adjustable pillow, which can help you achieve the correct pillow height for your sleeping position.

Sleeping position

The position in which you sleep in is also important to maintain a healthy posture. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, as this can be detrimental to your posture. It is recommended that a side-lying or back sleeping position be adopted, to allow for your spine and neck to be properly supported.

The correct sleeping posture coupled with the right type of mattress, as well as a pillow positioned at the right height, is vital to producing a healthy sleeping environment and achieving postural success. If you suffer from stiffness, soreness, or postural issues, we at Brisbane Posture and Performance are here to help.

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