Poor posture can have a significant impact on one’s physical health and mental state, even influencing stress levels. In addition to this, poor posture can also affect one’s appearance and aesthetics. The common types of posture where people experience pain is a hyperkyphotic posture, hyperlordotic posture, flat back, and swayback. Each type of poor posture has its own health implications, and correcting poor posture often involves exercises to strengthen muscles and improve alignment.

Good posture can have a positive impact on our mood and confidence. Our mood and emotions are physically stored in our body, and the way we stand, sit, or move can directly influence how we are feeling. Good posture will have us standing taller and can make us a prouder and happy people.

Good posture is essential for maintaining a healthy body. It helps to keep the bones and joint in proper alignment and avoid extra pressure on the spine. Besides the obvious wear and tear on your spine, poor posture can lead to many health problems. A forward head and rounded upper back not only overload your body’s postural muscles, leading to musculoskeletal overload and injuries, it also alters your chest and abdominal cavity. Research has shown that a slumped posture can increase pressure on the heart and hinder cardiovascular function. When slumping down in your chair you may notice you can’t obtain as deep a breath as you would like. This suggests to us that a poor posture can decrease our lung capacity and negatively affect the respiratory system.

At Brisbane Posture and Performance our primary focus is addressing all our valued practice members’ postural health. As seen above, poor posture is a serious condition that is more important than just keeping your shoulders back, which can impact many different aspects of your life.

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