Whiplash treatment Carindale


When we hear the word whiplash we think of motor vehicle accidents. The reality is that we can be left with a whiplash injury due to a magnitude of reasons. It very commonly occurs in contact sports such as Aussie rules, rugby league/union or even calmer sports such as soccer or netball. It may even result from a simple fall, any impact to our bodies that causes the head to jerk forward or backward can result in a whiplash neck strain. The sudden forward/backward motion stretches and in extreme cases tears muscles and tendons in your neck.

Common Symptoms of a whiplash injury:

– Stiffness in the neck, tight musculature and decreased range of motion.
– Tenderness in neck, upper back and shoulders on palpation.
– Headaches, typically starting from base of skull.
– Pain in certain neck movements. Eg. Checking blind spots while driving.

Commonly at Brisbane Posture and Performance Chiropractic we see the complications many months or even years after an untreated whiplash. Untreated or severe whiplashes may lead to:

– Severe/chronic headaches.
– Numbness or P&N’s in arms.
– Poor sleep.
– Dizziness/vertigo.
– Tinnitus.
– Neck instability.
– TMJ/Jaw Pain.

Our Team at Brisbane Posture and Performance Chiropractic have extensive training in dealing with neck injuries such as whiplash. They strongly recommended getting examined by a chiropractor after any whiplash injury, as dealing with the neck instability and injury immediately is often a much more effective way to avoid long term symptoms and dysfunction.

When patients come to our team after a whiplash injury our doctors will do a thorough case history, full neurological and orthopaedic examination along with any imaging required to ensure your safety and best possible outcome. Once this information has lead to an accurate diagnosis your doctor will design a tailored treatment plan to ensure you make a complete recovery and can live bet quality of life possible.

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